Welcome to SportsDai.com

This is entirely an opinion blog about various Sports events in the world. We are not a news media at any cost, this is a general blog operated by an individual.

Previously, this blog was about the Indian Premier League (IPL). I converted this blog into a combat sports blog which is my interest by the way. I’ve been watching and following professional wrestling for over 2 decades. I also have a lot of knowledge in combat sports also, since I am an athlete myself.

The name “Sports Dai” came from one of my alias names “Max Dai” which is the ring name that I use whenever I enter the arena, to hide my real name. “Max” is just a male name and “Dai” stands for Elder or Big Brother. So, I eliminated “Max” from the name, kept “Dai” and added “Sports” in front of Dai. So, basically, it became “Sports Dai”, meaning “Sports Brother” or “Big Brother Sports” or whatever you might want to call it. So, this is the origin story behind the creation of Sports Dai.

I will open up a comments box for every blog article. You can say whatever you want to say here because this blog is all about “Smash”. But keep in mind that publicly censored words are not allowed just to stay safe from the algorithm.

In the end, thank you so much for visiting my site. Whether it’s good, it’s bad, or even worse, I will be ready to hear your voice, and your criticisms and accept it all,